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What do Agriculture, Aerospace, and Automotive have in common? Engineering simulation is a critical tool in helping to solve the tough problems that are otherwise too expensive to fully test.

Industry Highlights - In this newsletter, we look at how engineering simulation is becoming an irreplaceable tool in just about every sector out there, as well as highlighted in many industry conferences.

Rocky DEM
Agriculture - One of the biggest challenges is quantifying the loads of handling bulk materials (dirt, rocks, sand, etc.) There is some really cool new software from companies like EDEM and Rocky DEM. This new simulation technology really rocks!
BVC Code Week
Energy - Earlier this month was the BPVC Code Week, and our friends who went said FEA is becoming increasingly more common through a relatively new “Section VIII, Div 2, Part 5”. More info on can be found on the website.
Aerospace - Finite Element Analysis was born out of NASA in the 60’s, and was originally called NASTRAN. It is still the foundational code used in many commercial codes today. But did you know you can still download it for free from NASA?
Crash Test Analysis
Automotive - One simulation that has been a success, is the Crash Test. “Explicit Dynamics” is characterized by high deformation and ultimate failure, and results in some great videos. Curious to try it? Download free models from the NHTSA.
Medicine - One of the most impressive applications of Engineering Simulation is the Living Heart Project. The goal of this project is to effectively simulate the Electrical, Mechanical, and Fluid Dynamics of a human heart. 
Aiwa Bluetooth Headphones
Consumer Product - Few things have as many technical requirements as headphones. They must be strong, light, comfortable, acoustically perfect, and beautifully designed. Aiwa just launched new bluetooth headphones, and we simulated them!


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March 14: We’re excited to share our expertise and the latest in Engineering Simulation capabilities at the 2nd annual mHUB Product Showcase and Demo Day.

March 25-27: Introduce yourself to Stress Analyses using PTC Creo Simulate.

April 1-3: Gain confidence in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer with Autodesk CFD.

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sww19-fastway-linkedin "Well, we started the conference season off with a bang at the sww19 event this month! Lots of fantastic simulations being done by solidworks and dassaultsystemes 3dexperience customers, and lots of new tools to bridge the two platforms! Here we have Top Opt, Non-Newtonian CFD, Nonlinear FEA, Rotating Region CFD, Moldflow, and more Top Opt! Our Managing Director, James Shaw, co-hosted a breakout session on Nonlinear FEA, where he asked a room of 100+ people, "Who's done a simulation in the last month?" Answer: Half the room... have you?"

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